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Built Academy positions itself as your key training partner towards excellence.

The Builthink Consultants offer interactive training sessions that integrate theory into practice, following the principles of Lean Construction. Our mission is to support construction industry stakeholders in optimizing the operational aspects of their companies and projects by integrating innovative, technological, and environmentally responsible practices.






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Who are we?

Builthink Consultants, construction experts, help optimize the efficiency, productivity, and quality of your projects. Operating in Canada and internationally, our experienced team, understanding your needs. We aim to modernize the construction industry by integrating innovation, technology, and sustainable development.


Our Training

Yellow Belt Lean Six Sigma Construction

Orange Belt Lean-IPD Construction Bootcamp

Green Belt Lean Six Sigma Construction

Collaborative Platforms in Construction

Unveiling the Secrets of Collaborative Project Execution

Introduction to Technology in Construction

Training Locations

We provide corporate training to strengthen your skills and achieve your team goals.

We also give our training at 1285 Rue Hodge, Saint-Laurent, QC H4N 2B6.

Enhance Your Efficiency with the Lean Construction Approach

Builthink Consultants is the expert in Lean Design and Lean Construction to make your projects more efficient, meet budgets and deadlines, while ensuring better quality and collaboration. We assist in setting robust quality standards for an exceptional client experience by streamlining your processes in a continuous improvement approach.

Continuous Improvement and Agile Management: Maximize your efficiency

Zero Waste

Learn to identify and eliminate waste to maximize efficiency and increase your value-added activities.

Process Improvement

Learn to improve your operational processes using agile methods.

Problem Solving

Master problem-solving techniques to find solutions that will last over time.

Customer Satisfaction

Emphasize customer satisfaction for successful projects.

Project Management

Enhance your project management skills to control your budget, schedules and quality.


Optimize your supply chain management for better coordination.

Lean Management

Discover the best practices in Lean Construction for efficient operations.

Continuous Improvement and Agile Management: Maximize Your Efficiency.

When looking to optimize your processes, implementing effective methodologies, Lean Management and the Agile method are essentials. Our approach focuses on driving change through visual methods and continuous improvement tools to ensure a significant reduction in waste and improved value chain management.

Our Lean Construction experts help you implement continuous improvement methods and projects, promoting standardization and cost reduction. With yellow, orange and green belts training in Lean Six Sigma, we are committed to reducing variability and improving the quality of your design, estimation, project management and construction business processes.

Leadership plays a pivotal role in this journey, fostering operational efficiency and overall business performance improvement. Our Agile method provides you with the necessary tools for change management, using diagrams and exceptional quality management. Through these methodologies, you'll be able to maximize your added value while maintaining a just-in-time approach to your operations.

We believe in continuous improvement and the implementation of Lean methodologies to ensure your long-term success. Join us for effective management, significant cost reduction, and continuous improvement in quality and operational efficiency."

Excellence through Continuous Improvement: The Power of Lean Management.

Our commitment to process management and optimization is reflected in our resolutely continuous improvement approach. The approach is rooted in our DNA.

With solid Lean methodology and visual management, we provide you with the necessary tools to optimize your operational efficiency. Our methods are designed to transform your organization and optimize your processes. Your organization will simply be more efficient.

Our trainings aim to set up continuous improvement managers dedicated to your success. With these, you will not only improve the profitability of your projects, but also ensure the continuous improvement of your business practices in all its spheres.

Continuing Excellence through Continuous Improvement

Our unwavering commitment to continuous improvement is at the heart of our approach to excellence. We firmly believe that the key to success lies in the ability to eliminate waste and by aiming for operational efficiency.

Our goal is to ensure continuous improvement of processes, integrating the culture of improvement in each activities. We provide tools and support to ensure that every process is efficient.

For us, continuous improvement is more than just a goal; it's a philosophy that guides us in our relentless pursuit of excellence. Join us to discover how our approach to continuous improvement can transform your organization and optimize your processes, enabling you to achieve levels of efficiency never before reached.

Our vision is to transform the construction industry to achieve the highest standards in economic, technical, social, and environmental performance through our values of mutual aid, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

—Louis Parent

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